22 May 2008


During the 1990’s, in Austria, the idea of quality management of heat pump
systems arose.
Not only should the Heat Pumps fulfil certain quality criteria, but a system to produce
qualified personnel should also be established. Austria agreed, together with Germany and
Switzerland, on the criteria for the DACH label.
Together with 9 other European partners, the “EU-CERT” training and certification education
system was developed. The project was finished by the end of 2006. The partners agreed on
an education system and developed a course manual. Courses are now held with the aim of
attaining a uniform quality level in all partner countries. The success of the program caused
other European countries to join.
The management of the program now lies in the hands of European Heat Pump Association
EHPA. One of the EHPA technical committees, the Education Committee, handles the
ongoing training and certification program and the addition of new members.
In Austria, meanwhile, about 300 installers have attended the courses with almost 100 of
them applying for the certification.