15 May 2023

Presentation No 1020 – Development of industrial heat pump simulator – 14th IEA Heat Pump Conference, Chicago, USA

To improve heat conversion efficiency in the industrial field, this research has focused on heat pump
technology, which has low CO2 emissions and high efficiency, and has developed a simulator that can easily
study the effects of introducing the technology and can be used for a variety of systems. To achieve this goal,
we have selected a model with a good balance between calculation speed and accuracy, and have built a
simulator that is easy for users to use and can flexibly respond to changes in refrigerants, systems, and operating
conditions. In this paper, we show, compare and analyze the results of an environmental evaluation, as well as
verification of its accuracy using actual measurement data from a factory using the simplified simulator
calculated by classification of basic system configuration patterns and the integrated simulators based on
general-purpose analysis logic for the model.