18 May 2017

O.4.5.2 Opportunity and challenge of developing a hydrophobic membrane-based compact absorption system

Several attempts for the enhancement of heat and mass transfer in major components of vapor absorption re-frigeration system are described in the paper. As a promising measure to this purpose, a micro-porous hydropho-bic membrane based heat and mass exchangers are proposed. A micro-porous hydrophobic membrane acts as a selective barrier which allows vapor to pass through but blocks the passage of liquid, and therefore it is expected that the stream of working solution is narrowly confined by the membrane, and the refrigeration vapor is ab-sorbed into or desorbed from the solution across the membrane. We firstly reviews various attempts that have been proposed to enhance heat and mass transfer in the conventional absorption components, and proposes the potential of microporous hydrophobic membrane for novel membrane based compact desorber and absorber with the feasible single effect membrane based absorption cycle. The theoretical model for the heat and mass transfer is presented, and is also simulated to look into the heat and mass transfer characteristics of membrane based heat and mass exchangers. The absorption mass flux of various membrane based absorption components were re-viewed, and compared with absorption flux of conventional components.