18 May 2017

O.1.5.1 A micro-heat pump combined with mechanical ventilation including heat recovery – simulation and in situ monitoring

An innovative heating and ventilation system is developed within the European fp7 project iNSPiRe for the deep energy retrofit of residential buildings. A low capacity heat pump of about 700W is combined with mechanical ventilation including heat recovery. The evaporator of the heat pump is located in the exhaust air flow of the mechanical ventilation system and the condenser heats further the supply air. The whole system is meant to be cost-effective, compact and thus, suitable to be integrated into a prefabricated timber façade. Several functional models were already measured in the laboratory of university of Innsbruck (AT) and finally one is installed in a demonstration building in Ludwigsburg (D). The building is a multi-family house with four stories and one flat per story. Within the refurbishment the heat pump with the mechanical ventilation is installed in one flat and designed to cover the heating demand of it; an additional electric radiator is installed in bathroom for comfort reasons. A detailed monitoring system is installed in the demo building to investigate the performance and the dynamic behavior of the HVAC system as well as the comfort in the flat. A simulation model of the system and flat is developed in Matlab/Simulink for dynamic simulations. The model is calibrated and validated against the monitoring data and is used for simulation based analysis of the performance.