22 May 2002

B3-05 Review and Prospect of Heat Pump Cycle Research

In this article, the technologies of heat pump were reviewed. First the substitute mechanisms of refrigerant were analyzed Total equivalent warming impact (TEWI) can be used to comprehensively evaluate the environmental factor of refrigerant, including the direct influence and indirect effects. Second considering the heat pump is an efficient technology to exploit new energy source, typical heat source of heat pump were analyzed. Suggest in north of China heat pump system best heat source is geothermal energy. It can be lake or river, under ground water and soil etc. Thirdly compared electrical and mechanical driven heat pump and analyzed absorption heat pump system use heat engine combined heat pump model. And then analyzed the heat pump control method. Find the variable speed control have ability to keep more precision temperature. Final the advance trend on heat pump recycle technology was proposed. It was pointed out that the regenerated energy source and natural refrigerants were promising development direction. With the wide application, the coefficient of seasonal energy efficiency will become an important index of heat pump evaluation. The capacity of heat generated by heat pump should be tunable and matches with the external load. Utilizing natural refrigerants and regenerative energy will be an eternal goal in improving heat pump technology.