16 September 2011


“Heat pump lab (HPL)” is a heat pump test facility of Chubu Electric Power Co.,
Inc. to develop and to evaluate the energy efficiency of heat pumps, which are used for the air conditioning of buildings and for cooling and heating during manufacturing process. HPL
consists of two facilities (Heat pump lab East and West). “Heat pump lab-East (HPLE)” is possible to test the large heat pump unit (ex. heat pump chilling unit) with cooling capacity from 150kW to 700kW, which is the largest possible test facility of heat pump in Japan. In
the case of test for an air-cooled heat pump chilling unit, cold or hot water from the test unit can be utilized as a part of air conditioning of the test room. Therefore, the air conditional
energy of the facility can be drastically reduced compare to that of normal facility without exhaust heat utilization. On the other hand, “Heat pump lab-West (HPLW)” is possible to
test the small heat pump unit (ex. multi-type air-conditioner) with cooling capacity from about 10kW to 170kW. In this paper, an overview of HPL and the examples of energy efficiency
evaluation for the heat pump using HPL are introduced.