24 June 2014

An Experimental Study on the Heat and Mass Transfer of Adsorption Chiller

Adsorption chillers have been receiving considerable attentions as they are energy saving and environmentally benign systems. In this paper, heat and mass transfer experiments of adsorption bed were performed in the batch type adsorption apparatus. The
adsorbent and the refrigerant used for the experiment is silica gel and water. Three types of adsorption bed heat exchangers ; fin-tube, heat pipe with both sides and heat pipe with one
side, are proposed and experimented. The performance of adsorption bed was analysed by heat transfer rate and adsorption rate with inlet temperature of cooling water. The experimental results show that the adsorption bed of fin-tube type gave best heat transfer
rate of 960 W. Also, it is found that the heat pipe with one side showed better performance in the heat transfer rate(540 W) than that of the heat pipe with both sides(340 W) by up to 60%.