Tools for Industrial Heat Pump implementation

The Final Report for HPT TCP Annex 48 – “Industrial Heat Pumps, Second Phase” is finalized with a variety of useful tools for implementing the technique in industrial processes.

The overarching objective of Annex 48 was to create a tool for decisions makers to use more Industrial Heat Pumps (IHPs) in industrial processes by concentrating on the development and distribution of condensed an clear information materials for policy makers, associations, and industries.

IHPs offer various opportunities to all types of manufacturing processes and operations. They use waste process heat as the heat source, delivering heat at higher temperatures for use in industrial processes, heating or preheating, and industrial space heating and cooling. IHPs can significantly reduce fossil fuel consumption and GHG emissions in a variety of applications.


The Annex has created a guidebook for the district heating sector, a heat pump calculator, assessment tools, concepts for design, hydraulic, and controls. A holistic guide considering HP integration with industrial processes is presented with technical details and insights was produced. The Annex has also presented a special IHP website for the reader who is interested in IHPs and their applications.


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