Start date: April 2016

End date: April 2019

Industrial heat pumps (IHP) are active heat-recovery devices that increase the temperature of waste heat in an industrial process to a higher temperature to be used in the same process or another adjacent process or heat demand. While the residential market may be satisfied with standardised products and installations, most industrial heat pump applications need to be adapted to unique conditions. In addition a high level of expertise is crucial.

This Annex is a follow-up-annex from the previous completed Annex 35 “Application of Industrial Heat Pumps”. Industrial heat pumps within this Annex are defined as heat pumps in the medium and high power range and temperatures up to 150 °C, which can be used for heat recovery and heat upgrading in industrial processes, but also for heating, cooling and air-conditioning in commercial and industrial buildings.


The main goal of this Annex is to overcome still existing difficulties and barriers for the larger scale market introduction of industrial heat pumps. The results should be concentrated on the development and distribution of condensed and clear information material for policy makers, associations and industries. Focus will be concentrated on a limited number of process industries with large potential.
The objectives will be achieved by common studies performed by the participants for each country. The main focus of the Annex will be on arranging the information on heat pumping technologies for industry to designers, decision- and policymakers in such a way that it will lead to a better understanding of the opportunities and to use these in the right way in order to reduce the use of primary energy consumption and the CO2-emisions as well the economy of industrial processes.

Project manager and participating countries

Austria, France, Germany (Operating agent), Japan, Switzerland, and the UK.

The Annex is still open for new participants. Contact your Executive Committe (ExCo) delegate and Rainer Jakobs (Dr.Rainer.Jakobs @, Jakobs @ if you are interested in participating in Annex 48.


The Annex has been structured into the following tasks:

  • Task 1. Analysis of the collected Case studies and successful applications of industrial heat pumps
  • Task 2. Structuring information on industrial heat pumps and preparation of guidelines
  • Task 3. Application of existing models for the integration of a heat pump into a process
  • Task 4. Communication of the IHP potential for policy makers, designers and decision makers

Publications and result

The main deliverables of this annex are:


Field News

Switzerland is joining Annex 48

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