Save the date – IEA HPT TCP National Experts meeting 2021, October 28, Nuremberg

The Technology Collaboration Programme on Heat Pumping Technologies (HPT TCP) by IEA will organize a National Experts meeting on October 28, 09.00-16.30, in Nuremberg, Germany, in conjunction with the European Heat Pump Summit, which will take place on October 26-27 in the same location.
You are welcome to participate and to invite other researchers and industry representatives from your country!

The main purpose with the meeting is to develop new ideas and proposals for future Annexes (international collaboration projects) within the HPT TCP. The outcome from a midterm evaluation of the Strategic Work Plan 2018-2023 for HPT TCP will form the basis for the meeting. This evaluation showed that all the identified research areas of the HPT TCP are still very relevant, but that we need to focus on some areas and activities during the second half of our strategy period.

The midterm evaluation showed that:

  • More focus should be put on stimulating mass deployment of heat pumping technologies. Therefore, more demonstration and deployment related activities should be performed.
  • Annexes should include work packages where barriers for mass deployment of efficient heat pumps and air-conditioners are mapped and analysed how to be overcome.
  • We should include decision makers (for policy and investments) and (end)users in the analyses since they are important for the acceptance and the efficiency of heat pumps.
  • It is of importance to focus on how to improve affordability to stimulate mass deployment.
  • Since all innovations needed to obtain the climatic targets are not yet developed, activities along large parts of the TRL-scale should be performed, also the lower ones.
  • We should attract new performers/players/industry actors outside the traditional sectors for heat pumping technologies, e.g. ICT, mobility, industry etc.
  • We need to explore and demonstrate the flexibility potential of the technology from several perspectives even more using the possibilities offered by the developments in the area of digitalisation.
    • to balance and stabilize the electric grid
    • to integrate a higher share of renewable energy in the system
    • to enable sector coupling
    • to offer multiple functions (heating, cooling, grid system services) – flexibility of the use
    • to combine different heat/cold sources including ventilation
  • We should focus to a larger extent on solutions where both the cold and the warm sides of the thermodynamic cycle are used.
  • We should continue investigating more efficient affordable and applicable cooling and air-conditioning technologies, especially in warm and humid climates, possible to integrate with other renewable technologies.

Please register for the meeting on September 15 as the latest. If you have ideas or proposals for new annexes that you want to discuss during the meeting, please inform us by sending an e-mail and we will take that into consideration when outlining the agenda for the meeting.

We will follow the situation regarding the Covid-19. In case the European Heat Pump Summit can not be performed as a physical event due to the pandemic, but is transferred to an online event, the HPT TCP National Experts meeting will also be transferred to an online meeting.