01 October 1992

The Impact of Heat Pumps on the Greenhouse Effect – Workshop proceedings

In recent years, the worldwide concern about the harmful effects of emitted combustion products has grown. Notably, the emission of CO2, which most scientists agree affects the climate by adding to the greenhouse effect, is increasingly recognised as an issue of global importance. This concern has led to a renewed interest in heat pumping, a technology which can reduce the fossil fuel requirements for the production of low to medium temperature heat. To assess the real significance of heat pumps in this respect, the IEA Heat Pump Centre conducted an analysis entitled: `The Impact of Heat Pumps on the Greenhouse Effect’, published in September 1992 (HPC-AR1). Subsequently an international workshop was organised in Merligen, Switzerland, to provide an opportunity for experts to exchange ideas and draw conclusions from the analysis findings. The workshop, which was jointly prepared by the IEA Heat Pump Centre and the Swiss Federal Office, was attended by some 35 participants from 12 countries.

Papers presented addressed topics such as:

· The greenhouse effect: science, trends and consequences

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