18 May 2017

P.3.7.5 Industrial Heat Pumps and Their Application Examples in Japan

This paper describes the industrial heat pump technologies presented at the Japanese national expert meeting for the IEA HPP Annex 48 “Industrial Heat Pumps, Second Phase”. Firstly, flows of heat recovery and utilization in industrial processes are presented. And heat demands and exhaust heat sources in various industries are also presented. Secondly heat recovery heat pumps and their application examples are described. The heat recovery heat pumps include a heat pump steam generator using R245fa as a refrigerant with a single-stage reciprocating compressor, a heat pump water heater using R134a as a refrigerant with two inverter driven single-stage twin rotary compressors and a single-stage economizer-cycle heat pump water heater using R134a as a refrigerant with a two-stage centrifugal compressor. It has been reported that the reduction of primary energy, CO2 emission and running cost have reached 40-60% in the application examples of these heat recovery heat pumps. Lastly, Low GWP refrigerants HCFOs and HFOs as candidates of the substitute refrigerant of R245fa and R134a were described.