24 June 2014

Overview of ASHRAE Standard 206 – Method of Test for Rating of Multi-Purpose Heat Pumps for Residential Space Conditioning and Water Heating

ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 206 was developed to provide a uniform method of testing for rating the performance of multi-purpose heat pumps (combined appliances) which perform space conditioning and water heating in residential applications. The heat pumps may also provide additional functions, such as ventilation and/or dehumidification.

The standard provides a single comprehensive procedure for all existing and anticipated multi-purpose heat pumps, covering six, different, basic systems: single capacity air-source, dual capacity air-source, variable capacity air-source, single capacity liquid-source, dual capacity liquid-source, and variable capacity liquid-source systems.

The combined appliances may operate in up to 7 modes: A)space conditioning only; B)space conditioning + water heating; C) dedicated water heating; D)dehumidification + space conditioning; E)dehumidification; F)dehumidification + space conditioning + water heating;
and G)dehumidification + water heating.

The standard specifies the test equipment for performing such tests, the physical arrangement of the interconnecting refrigerant and water lines, the data required and the
calculations to be used.

The procedures in this standard may be used as a basis for establishing efficiency ratings for such equipment and for estimating annual energy consumption.