18 May 2017

O.3.9.2 New industrial chemical heat pump from Qpinch

Climate change and natural resource depletion have become a global priority. An enormous potential of energy is currently being wasted in industrial processes. With Qpinch’s new ICHP, massive process improvements in existing and future industrial assets can be realized whilst also fostering both prosperity and the environment. Due to the uniqueness of the technology about 50% of a customer’s heat consumption can be saved.
The use of inorganic oxoacids and its salts and water offers exceptional temperature lifts due to the unique low heat capacity of these components. This enables the ICHP to transform the waste heat into steam of 2-10 bar at the lowest operational costs compared to others. Moreover generating steam is the best way to deliver useful energy to an industrial customer.
A pilot plant has been operated successfully by Qpinch at the premises of Indaver Antwerp. Operating the ICHP have shown unique heat lifts in transforming industrial waste heat from 100°C into steam of 150°C. The operating results of the 100kWth pilot plant were used as an input basis for Aspen process simulations. First physical properties were fitted, based on chemical composition analysis by UGent, to get the model of the installation close to the measured data and secondly the model was used to simulate the main engineering parameters to design future > 1MWth installations. The process simulation model which was engineered by PDC, proves that the overall efficiency of the new chemical heat pump system is comparable with industrial known Carnot efficiencies.