24 August 2010

Compact Heat Exchangers in Heat Pumping Equipment

This Report presents the outcomes of Annex 33, which was concerned with compact heat exchangers (CHEs) in heat pumping equipment.

The objective of this Annex was to present a compilation of possible options for compact heat exchangers, used as evaporators, condensers and in other roles in heat pumping equipment. The aim is to minimise the direct and indirect effect on the localand global environment due to operation of, and ultimate disposal of, the equipment.

The Annex involved five countries – Austria, Japan, Sweden, the United States and the United Kingdom, the latter acting additionally as Operating Agent. The Annex ran for three years, the final Annex meeting being held in the UK in September 2009.

The outcomes of the Annex consist of a wide variety of data ranging from fundamental research on boiling in narrow channels to guidelines for selecting and using CHEs in heat pumping systems. There are considerable market data available within the Report and the cited references, and a number of novel heat exchanger concepts, including the use of new materials and the application of process intensification methods, should allow equipment manufacturers in the future to achieve the Annex aim, as summarised above.

The scope has not been limited to heat pumps in buildings – the input from the UK has been particularly focussed on industrial heat pumps, where the potential for energy savings, assuming capital costs can be made attractive, is high.