New Annex: “IoT Annex – Digitalization and IoT for Heat Pumps”, Annex 56

IoT Annex

– Heat pumps in a world of connected devices

The Heat Pumping Technology HPT is happy to announce that a new Annex has been initiated: “IoT Annex – Digitalization and IoT for Heat Pumps”.

Annex 56 focuses on opportunities and challenges for connected heat pumps in buildings and industry. Connected devices will play a major role in the future addressing multiple aims, such as increased comfort for the user, reduction in energy consumption and decarbonization of heat supply. The main topics that will be elaborated are connectivity, interfaces, data analysis, business models, privacy concern and legislation. Austria, Switzerland, Germany and France already joined the Annex.

Visit the IoT Annex page

Invitation to new participants
HPT TCP a welcomes research organisations and industry to participate in Annex 56. If you are interested to join this Annex, please contact:

Veronika Wilk, Operating Agent
+43 664 6207794

Monica Axell, Heat Pump Centre
+46 105 1655 19