HPT TCP present at the Cold Climate HVAC Conference in Kiruna

The 9th international Conference about Cold Climate HVAC (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning) took place in Kiruna, in the very north of Sweden, from the 12th to the 15th of March. Heat Pump Centre was present with a booth to promote and inform about the HPT TCP.

The conference was attended by 150 delegates from 19 countries, mainly from countries with cold climate. A total number of 95 papers were presented in sessions about renovation of buildings, building simulation, indoor environment and health, efficient HVAC components, energy and power efficiency and low energy buildings and last, but not least – there were two sessions about heat pumps and geothermal systems.

Research performed in both HPT Annex 41, about cold climate heat pumps, and HPT Annex 49, about heat pumps in nZEB buildings, was presented at the conference showing that heat pumping technology is well suited for heating of buildings in cold climates.

One researcher from China showed promising results for a solar-assisted heat pump system for domestic hot water heating in a Chinese hotel. Another presentation was about design of horizontal ground heat exchangers for heat pumps in sub-arctic conditions, which showed that this system could work well also in these conditions.

One researcher from USA talked about non technical lessons learned about geothermal heat pump installations in the United States. She had investigated how to make geothermal (ground source) heat pumps more accessible for US customers and concluded that first of all, the contractor knowledge must be improved and secondly, the awareness of the technology should be increased by making installations in high profile buildings like for example airports and other official buildings and making the installations visible there. Finally, alternative business models to decrease the first cost for the costumers should be developed and offered.

In several presentations heat pumping technology was mentioned as a technology to increase energy efficiency and the share of renewable energy in the overall energy system!