Christoph Reichl, Austrian Institute of Technology, Operating Agent of HPT Annex 51 and HPT Annex 63


The new IEA HPT Annex 63 “Placement Impact on Heat Pump Acoustics” has been set up as a follow up to the recently finalized IEA HPT Annex 51 “Acoustic Signatures of Heat Pumps” conducted by Austria, Denmark, Germany, France, Italy, and Sweden. IEA HPT Annex 63 is focusing on the placement impact of Heat Pumps on their surrounding. Noise emissions are a potential threat to further spreading of heat pumps in the years to come. Thus, working on the acceptance of heat pumps by minimizing these adverse environmental impacts while keeping high energy efficiency is of great importance.

About the workshop, purpose and objective

The purpose of the workshop is to greatly increase awareness on the importance of an optimal placement of heat pumps with regards to acoustic emissions both towards the heat pump’s owner and his/her neighbours. Attendees will have the opportunity to test innovative placement tools based on augmented reality on tablets and using immersive augmented reality headsets and report their technology experience. Furthermore a psychoacoustic test setup is made available for the participants to experience and rate different sound samples. The results will be analyzed during the workshop and discussed in a final presentation. Documentation of the technology experiences will make their way into the upcoming IEA HPT Annex 63.


  • Introductory presentations to set the scene
  • Interactive sessions with AR/VR equipment to allow for immersive experience for the participants
  • Psychoacoustic “panel test” using a psychoacoustic awareness test kit
  • Discussion of the results of the psychoacoustic test and the technology experience of the AR/VR tools
  • Brainstorming for enhanced functions and features, getting feedback
  • Wrap up