Sustainable domestic hot water production with heat pumping technologies will become the dominant energy demand in the domestic infra structure offering affordable smart storage opportunities.

Workshop ‘Heat Pump Water Heaters, a challenging future

At the 25th IIR Conference ICR 2019 in Montréal on 27th August a Workshop attracting more than eighty participants. Presentations were held by experts from the participating countries in the Annex and invited speakers from Spain and Sweden. The presentations and relevant papers published by the presenters are available on this website under the publication pages.

2019 Global Workshop for Domestic Hot Water Heat Pumps in Seoul

In the Seoul Intercontinental Hotel the Annex Workshop was held at 16th May 2019 to inform Korea experts about the works undertaken in the Annex and the importance for Korea to participate. Presentations were given by the Annex participants.

2018 – Workshop in Buchs – Switzerland

At the start of the Working Meeting held from 26th – 28th November in Buchs (Switzerland) on the invitation of NTB Interstaatliche Hochschule für Technik a number of presentations was given.

It is of great importance to work together with othe HPT Annexes and Annexes or Tasks from other TCP’s. prof. Carsten Wemhöner, the Operating Agent from HPT-Annex 49 on nearly Zero Energy Buildings, was present, as well as the chairman for the HPT-ExCo Stephan Renz. In his presentation “Heat pumps for nearly Zero Energy Buildings – Design and integration”, Wemhöner showed us in a number of practical cases the importance of a good design of the Domestic Hot Water Heat Pump integrated in the energy systems of nZEB’s.


2018 – Workshop on R&D in Tokyo at Waseda University

On 23rd April 2018 a workshop on R&D was held, which is part of the Task 4 under the Annex. Concept country reports were presented by the Annex participants.  In the workshop the speakers were mainly from the participating countries while the main attendents were from Japan and its National Team for the Annex.





Reporting on the work under the Annex

The objective for the Annex is to analyse the information on hot water heat pumping technologies for the production of sanitary hot water in domestic and other applications. This information will be structured in such a way that leads to better understanding in the market by the end user and policy maker. The work under the Annex will provide deeper insight into the potential of applying domestic hot water heat pumps using various concepts and systems for new as well as existing buildings.

The final contents of the reports by the Annex are:

  1. General report on:
    • Market developments in the participating countries
    • Policy overview and analyses of strategic opportunities
    • Overview of available technologies for single family as well as multifamily buildings
    • Overview ofmanufacturers
    • Scenario’s for participating countries and world regfions, being Asia, North America and Europe
  2. Refrigerants specifically for Heat Pump Water Heaters
  3. Legionella and the lack of harmonisation on this topic
  4. Test Procedures for Heat Pump Water Heaters and the need for harmonisation
  5. Overview of calculation models for Hot Water Systems in buildings with Heat Pump Water Heaters and its alternative Solutions
  6. Overview of modelling tools for developing a Heat Pump Water Heater in relation tot the storage size, heat exchangr and refrigerant.
  7. Roadmap for Research and Development

Next to these there is a imber of example projects with small videos.

Project manager and participating countries

Japan,  South Korea, United States, Canada, France, Switzerland and UK. Netherlands is Operating Agent.

Visit the website for more information:



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