‘World Refrigeration Day’ pays respect to the masters of artificial cold

Although heat and cold are of the same physical nature, they have played different roles in the history of human civilisation. Prometheus, the mythological hero who bestowed the divine fire of Olympus to mankind, is glorified in immortal works of art.

On the contrary, to date, the pioneers who created artificial cold and gave it to humanity have never been praised in a similar way as a token of gratitude.

The above situation is going to change as professional stakeholders worldwide were recently united to inaugurate 26 June as World Refrigeration Day, to be celebrated as an annual event throughout the planet.

Professional associations and societies from the USA, India, Pakistan, Philippines, Thailand, Australia, Africa, the Middle East, and across Europe, have manifested their strong support for establishing World Refrigeration Day. The mission of this event is to raise awareness of how refrigeration, air-conditioning, and heat-pump technologies improve modern life and to promote their significant contribution to the wellbeing of human society. As refrigeration is essentially a question of temperature, the celebration date chosen was the birthday of Sir William Thomson (Lord Kelvin), born 26 June 1824.

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By Kostadin Fikiin, International R&D Project Manager, Technical University of Sofia (Bulgaria), an academician at the International Academy of Refrigeration, member of the Executive Committee of the International Institute of Refrigeration, Chairman of EHEDG Working Group ‘Food Refrigeration Equipment’.

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