Watch the episode on Heat Pumps on the UK channel  #ITVTonight and “Saving the Planet: Saving Money?” 

When it comes to making your home more energy-efficient, investing in a Heat Pump is a wonderful choice. The UK government is considering making greener energy more affordable by shifting taxes from electricity to gas in order to be able to decarbonize the heating sector, which is responsible for about 23% of all UK CO2 emissions. Moreover, they have already launched subsidy schemes for heat pumps.

Sweden has a mature heat pump market, and industry and 43% of Sweden homes already have a heat pump. For this reason, there are many things the UK can learn from Sweden, and therefore Dr. Caroline Haglund StignorHPT TCP – Technology Collaboration Programme on Heat Pumping Technologies by IEARISE Research Institutes of Sweden, was interviewed within and during the preparations of the programme, which was broadcasted in the UK during the weeks of COP26. “It is a proven technology that keeps a lot of homes warm in Europe”, she says.

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