Two new HPT Annexes have started

The Heat Pumping Technology HPT programme is happy to welcome two new Annexes that have been initiated already in January 2021.

Annex 57 focuses on the implementation of heat pumps in district heating and cooling systems. This annex will investigate possible flexibility in the electric grid as well as in thermal networks by the implementation of heat pumps. In addition, possible solutions and barriers for heat pumps on these markets will be examined.

Annex 58 will give an overview of available technologies and close-to-market technologies regarding high-temperature heat pumps. The need for further RD&D developments will be outlined. In order to maximize the impact of high-temperature heat pumps, this annex also looks at process integration by development of concepts for heat pump-based process heat supply and the implementation of these concepts.

Invitation to new participants
HPT TCP welcomes research organisations and industry to participate in Annex 57 and Annex 58. If you are interested to join the Annexes, please contact:

Annex 57

Svend Pedersen, Operating Agent
See Annex 57 web >

Annex 58

Benjamin Zühlsdorf, Operating Agent
+45 7220 1258
See Annex 58 web >