15 September 2011


One of the key issues in energy discussions in Finland is the share of renewable energy and resources in the final consumption. Finland has European Unions binding target of increasing this share by about 10 percentage points (from 28.5 % to 38 %). This corresponds to an increase of RES approximately 38 TWh per year. Today by means of over 300 000 heat pumps a total of 2-3 TWh/a of renewable energy is produced for heating houses. Naturally the amounts, types and sizes of installed Heat Pumps effect on the final intake of RES with HPs. But RES amount will be strongly dependent on the exact SPF calculation method in the EU Renewable Energy Directive.

Taking into account the rapid growth of the Finnish heat pump market, good climate conditions, advanced house technology and expected environment policy trends the one million heat pumps that are forecasted for 2020 will provide 20-30 % of the renewable energy goal for Finland.

It is clear that Finland has a strong heat pump market, with large potential. Different market segments are the place for the different type of Heat Pumps. Passive and low energy building has its own challenges for heat pumps solutions in Finnish cold climate conditions. One million exit existing houses has electricity or oil heating and replacement market for those will be big potential for ground coupled, air to water, exhaust and air to air heat pumps.

The subsidy policy and punishing tax policy for CO2 releasing fuels of the Finnish state will also have a huge role and contribution within heat pumps to gain the challenging goals of 2020 of RES in Finland.