07 April 2017

The Role of Heat Pumps in Future Urban Energy Systems

In one of our recently published scientific articles we provide a holistic view on the role of heat pumps in the context of smart grids. Three main categories of heat pump applications in a smart grid context have been identified: stable and economic operation of power grids, the integration of renewable energy sources, and operation under variable electricity prices. In all these categories, heat pumps – when controlled in smart way – can help easing the transition to a decentralized energy system accompanied by a higher share of renewable energy sources and more importantly, empowerment of the future “prosumers”. In this short article, we provide a brief summary of the role of heat pumps in future urban energy systems, breaking it down to four different boundary levels. We also introduce the concept of Integrated Design, Dimensioning and Control as a part of a holistic approach towards the future energy systems.