30 September 2014

The geothermal heat pump opportunities in New Zealand

The New Zealand Geothermal Heat Pump (GHP) market is in its infancy
compared to international trends, but recent developments seek to accelerate growth in this area.

A small research project, started in 2008, has grown into a consultative, multi-Agency collaboration for research, advocacy and market development. In 2012, the Geothermal Heat-pump Association of New Zealand (GHANZ) was established. This group, comprising
suppliers, installers, designers, government agencies and private organisations, is working together to encourage growth and quality in the New Zealand GHP market.

This paper will present an update on the market opportunities in New Zealand, identified barriers and initiatives underway to accelerate technology transfer. These include: modelling ground temperatures and shallow rock properties; understanding heating and cooling practices; consultation with architects and engineers; encouraging quality assurance; developing promotional and educational material; improving the regulatory regime; economic
modelling; enabling sector collaboration and improving communication.