22 May 2008


Problems associated with global warming and energy supply are the issues that
humankind century must overcome. Consumption of fossil fuels by consumers is affected by
a steep rise in its prices, and that the reducing CO2 emissions as a greenhouse gas (GHGs)
are solely dependent on the efforts of consumers who would not take radical measures. The
key to resolving these problems lies in realizing “dramatic improvements in energy utilization
efficiency” and “a transition to post-carbon energies.” A technology that can accomplish
them compatibly is “heat pump”. Heat-pump heaters that utilize ground-source heat have
already been available in Europe and North America. In Japan, water heaters that utilizing
air-source heat are commercialized and one million units have already been introduced in the
market. For heating and water heating, however, heat generated by combustion of fossil
fuels is used in general, and it is hard to say that heat pumps have come into wide use as
yet. Now, it’s time to promote wide use of heat pumps through international cooperation
hand in hand, so as to solve global warming issues.