20 September 2011


In the IEE project SEPEMO-Build a proposal for system boundaries and
corresponding SPF calculation models for heating and cooling of heat pump systems for the use in field measurements has been developed. The system boundaries stretch from the
heat pump refrigeration cycle to the whole heating system boundary in heat pump systems. The defined system borders will lead to a common system evaluation making a comparison
of the different systems measured possible. The definition of the system boundaries directly impacts on the required measurement equipment to measure the parameters needed for the
calculation of the different SPF. Therefore a measurement guideline has been developed, outlining the requirements for the measurement equipment in terms of accuracy, sampling interval etc. to be able to analyse the systems according to the defined system boundaries. To illustrate the use of the methodology and to show the influence of the auxiliary devices on the system efficiency, the evaluation of 10 ground coupled heat pump systems according the developed methodology is carried out.