24 June 2014

Study on Groundwater Heat Pump System Performance with Various Groundwater Levels

Groundwater heat pumps have great greenhouse gas mitigation potential where the groundwater resources are sufficient. System coefficients of performance of groundwater
heat pump systems vary with groundwater level in the well. Each component of groundwater
heat pump systems has different capacities and power consumption for its flow rates and temperatures. Head and power consumption values of components are expressed in the
polynomial equations, and theses equations are solved numerically by using regression coefficients obtained from product data. The system cooling COP of 4.16 and the system
heating COP of 3.16 are achieved at the groundwater level of 15m. The system heating COP drops 2.3% and 4.3% as the groundwater levels are lowered to 25m and 35m, and the
system cooling COP drops 3.3% and 6.1% at the groundwater flow rate of 200LPM. At the higher groundwater flow rate, the system COP reduction decrease more rapidly.