24 June 2014

Solar Air-conditioning System Using Absorption Chiller

We report the outline and the performance of single-double effect combined absorption chiller for “Solar air-conditioning system”. It is composed of a highly-efficient
absorption chiller as a main machine which are equipped with a solar heat recovery unit. It enables low temp. solar hot water at 75degreeC under operation at the cooling rating (load
factor: 100%, cooling water temp: 32degreeC) or even lower temp. hot water depending on loading conditions and cooling water conditions to be used. And we constructed the
demonstration plant of this system in Japan. We report the outline and the performance of the chillers and demonstration plant. Finally we report the new model plant at University of
Indonesia completed in January 2014 and will estimate its effects of solar absorption chillers using solar energy on GHG emission reduction and air pollutant emission reduction in