01 December 2012

Smart Grids in relation to ETP 2012

In our highly technology-driven society, which is on the brink of significant steps on the path of electrification
of the entire system, very few consider consciously the essential part played by electricity as a dominant energy
carrier for our day-to-day life. Continuing to take it for granted is an untenable position, as the present affordability,
availability and accessibility will continue only if we change our system dramatically. Managing our
future energy systems will mean that they will have to become smart in every respect. Power generation, transportation,
balancing of demand and production – all aspects will gradually adopt IT solutions to improve and
maintain the manageability, adaptability and (particularly) the reliability of the system.
Electricity production from renewable sources is steadily increasing, and calls for a paradigm shift in the way
we approach our major energy carrier. Electricity production, transportation, usage and pricing will all change