24 June 2014


Volatility of energy prices and growing concern over climate change have
increased the interest in alternative source of energy to fossil fuels. At the same time, the industry is also facing an ever-increasing pressure to address climate changes by focusing on global warming substances. As part of this strategy, heat waste recovery is being highly considered despite optimization,
the major industrial processes (food, chemistry, paper) produce heat waste through for example cooling water, effluent or condensate. In this paper we focus on industrial heat pumps, an effective heat recovery technology for
low to medium grade heat. The use of heat pumps in industrial processes would allowing for recovering heat waste and using the resulting energy to participate again in the process at a
higher temperature, thus reducing the need for fossil energy and the use of ground water for industrial output process cooling. To achieve high efficiency, this technology requires a refrigerant with thermodynamics
properties in line with the level of temperature involved in the industrial processes. This paper introduces AHP1 and AHP2, two promising new low GWP and non flammable refrigerants for industrial heat pumps. Thermodynamics properties of AHP1 and AHP2 are described and their potential application in High Temperature Heat Pumps is discussed.
Results show that AHP1 and AHP2 are promising candidates to address the industrial heat pump market needs.