22 May 2008


The Refrigeration and RETScreen program teams at CETC-Varennes have
collaborated to develop the new RETScreen model for assessing viability of energy efficient
ice and curling rinks projects, with a focus on heat recovery from refrigeration systems. This
software can be used to evaluate the energy savings, life-cycle costs, emission reductions,
financial viability and risks for various types of energy efficient technologies. Also, the model
aims to reduce the cost of pre-feasibility studies; disseminate knowledge to help people
make better decisions; and by training people to better analyse the technical and financial
viability of possible projects
This ice and curling rinks model is a unique decision support tool developed with the
contribution of numerous experts, and seeks to build the capacity of planners, decisionmakers
and industry to implement renewable energy and energy efficiency projects. This tool
has been funded by the Refrigeration Action Program for Buildings (RAPB), the CETCVarennes
deployment program targeted to reducing energy consumption and greenhouse
gas emissions of ice and curling rinks and supermarkets.