30 May 2005


This paper presents the performance measurement and modeling of one-year monitoring of data of a
static air-water residential heat pump used for space heating in a single-family house. Firstly, we present
the method to obtain daily COP values from instantaneous measurements on the refrigerant and on the
water. Secondly, annual energy consumption, seasonal COP and costs are presented for a one-year period.
Third, measurements are analyzed in order to obtain a day-average thermodynamic cycle with constant
characteristics parameters depending only of the heat pump specifications. Using this model, accurate
values of daily heat demand and energy consumption can be obtained. This cycle is then used to define
different models of decreasing complexity for the computation of the annual heat demand and energy
consumption in function of evaporation and condensation temperature and running time of the heat pump.
Analysis of these three last parameters over one year gives correlations between them and outdoor
temperature. The results of the models with the correlations yields annual performance values (heat
demand, energy consumption and seasonal COP) which differ less than 5 % from the measured values.