30 April 2013

Performance inspections to pick the low-hanging fruits in existing and new plants

“To measure is to know” is very true when it comes to energy efficiency in air conditioning and heat pump systems.
Optimisation of existing systems is the ‘low-hanging fruit’ to reduce energy consumption in commercial
and industrial buildings. Two-thirds of today existing buildings will still be in use in 2050, and the potential
energy savings are enormous. It has been found that few systems operate at an optimal level, or within their
original design specifications. The real challenge is to change the ‘Don’t wake the sleeping dog’ attitude; equipment
owners need to become aware of their equipment’s actual performance through cost-effective performance
inspections that are non-invasive, unbiased, and do not require inputs from unit or component manufacturers.
When owners request consultants, commissioning agents, or contractors to measure, analyse and optimise their
systems, there will be justification to invest in tools and training to service the demand.