18 May 2017

P.4.3.7 Energy Simulation of a Heat Pump-driven Liquid Desiccant System Using Dynamic Analysis

A heat pump driven liquid desiccant (HPLD) system, a highly energy efficient system in terms of waste heat recovery utilizing the cooling capacity of an evaporator and the heating capacity of a condenser. In this study, we assess and compare the energy saving potential of an HPLD system with a conventional liquid desiccant (LD) system. A packed-bed tower type LD system with an aqueous solution of lithium chloride (LiCl) and a water-to-water heat pump with a refrigerant of R134a were used in this study. The performance of the LD system was interpreted in an engineering equation solver (EES) and the heat pump was simulated through TRNSYS 17, a dynamic analysis program. When the total energy consumption of the proposed HPLD system and the conventional LD system are analyzed and compared, the HPLD system showed better performance than the conventional LD system in both aspects of COP and energy saving.