18 May 2017

P.4.3.6 Field test study on the performance of air source heat pump installed at various industrial processes in Japan

In industrial process in Japan, steam boiler or electric heater has been used as heat sources. In particular, since the steam boiler has issues on heat radiation loss and drain loss by long pipe arrangement, it has been reported that utilized heat is quite low. In this background, we developed an industrial hot water heat pumps with high efficiency and can expect the large energy saving effect and CO2 reduction of the industrial processes. In order to confirm the actual performance of the hot water heat pump, we carried out the energy measurement for heat insulation process of daily products and molds. As the result, we confirmed that 38-69% of large energy saving and CO2 reduction was possible in comparison to the existing heat sources such as the steam boiler or the electric heater. Moreover, it was found that air source heat pump was effective not only the energy saving effect but also the improvement of the work environment and stabilization of product quality. Although the heat pump has been introduced at a variety of processes, there was an issue that construction costs increase in the case of application to cleaning process of the machine parts. As a solution, we have developed a direct heating type of the developed heat pump that can heat the washing liquid directly.