18 May 2017

P.4.3.3 Study on Adsorption Heat Pump using Natural Mesoporous Material impregnated with chloride component

This study is a development of adsorption heat pump using a natural meso-porous material, which called Wakkanai siliceous shale (WSS). At first, to increase the water sorption property, the WSS powder impregnated with various chloride components were prepared. Water sorption property against the water vapor pressure was evaluated at the sorption and regeneration temperature conditions. From these results, the lithium chloride was chosen for the WSS composite material. To evaluate the cooling performance, the adsorbent powder of the composite materials with WSS and LiCl was filled in the aluminum fin gap on the small heat exchanger. From the experimental results, the cooling water of 15 ?C was obtained at the 80 ?C of the regeneration temperature, and the specific cooing power against the adsorbent weight and COP cooling was 360 W/g and 0.31, respectively.