18 May 2017

P.3.7.6 Heat Pump for Low Temperature Condensing Heat Utilization in a Hockey Ice Arena

There is an effort to decrease energy consumption in ice arenas as much as possible. The single largest energy consumer in ice arenas is the refrigeration system, therefore, it is the natural target for efficiency improvements. The heat which arises as a side product of the cooling system can be reused to cover the heat requirements in the arena or in neighborhood buildings. The refrigeration heat has different temperature levels. Technically, the biggest part is represented by low temperature condensing heat. The utilization of the heat is done by the contribution of the open cycle type of heat pump, equivalent to a second compression stage of the main refrigeration cycle. A case study of the system in an ice arena in the Czech Republic will be presented in the paper. The energy consumptions for heating, domestic hot water and technological water heating were measured as well as the working hours of the heat pump and the chiller. Nowadays, the system only uses part of the energy to cover the requirements in the ice arena. Unfortunately, the utilization of low temperature condensing heat is usually maximum 30 % of the total amount. The low percentage is caused by a time mismatch between the delivery and consumption. To increase the amount of condensing heat usage, the possibilities of its utilization in the neighborhood will be analyzed on a model.