18 May 2017

P.3.7.4 Monitoring and optimization of an existing heat pump system using waste water as the heat source

Aiming at expanding the applicability of systems for recovering the thermal energy potential of waste water in urban areas, this paper is analyzing the performance of the existing heat pump installation (Amstetten, Austria) which is using waste water as the heat source. The implemented system consists of the water-to-water heat pump with a thermal capacity of 230 kW, which is based on R134a as refrigerant in an enhanced vapor injection (EVI) configuration. A mixing type control loop, operating with a three way valve, regulates the inlet temperature of the heat source. The heat sink is connected to a thermal heat storage. Presented in this paper is the selection of the monitoring results gathered during the system operation over entire year, and the seasonal performance factor of this system under real operating conditions. The dynamic system simulations have been carried out, in order to assess the energy performance system improvements.