18 May 2017

P.3.7.3 Modeling and Analysis of a Heat Pump Clothes Dryer

In comparison with conventional electric clothes dryers consuming huge energy, heat pump clothes dryers have remarkable energy savings. A model of air-source heat pump clothes dryer system was developed in this paper, which included the steady-state heat pump system model and the dynamic fabric drying process model. Simulation results were validated with the test data of a household heat pump clothes dryer and reached a good agreement. The drying time error is within 3 minutes and the relative error of electricity consumption is 2.3%. Based on the validated model, system parameters including circulation air flow rate and ratio of fresh air were changed and calculated for system optimization, of which the impact on SMER (Specific Moisture Extraction Rate) and drying time of were analyzed. Simulation results indicated that optimum circulation air flow rate (180m3/h) and optimum ratio of fresh air (9.8%) existed for maximum SMER. The results are meaningful for the system design of heat pump clothes dryers.