18 May 2017

P.3.3.4 High efficient, high temperature industrial ammonia heat pump installed in central London

In 2016 GEA will install a 1000 kW ammonia heat pump in a container at street level next to 18 floors residential high rise buildings in central London. A lot of challenges have gone into the design of this project and we would like to present the solutions we have made. The heat source is the extract air from the underground train ventilation shaft. Excessive test have been made to ensure that the dust from the ventilation air do not block up the heat exchanger coil. For the current district heating network up to 80°C hot water is required from the heat pump. By using 2 stage piston compressors it has been possible to achieve heating COP above 3.5. As the project is next to a residential building the installation includes an ammonia adsorber which filtrate the air from the emergency extract fan to ensure no ammonia in the extract air. This was an essential part of the installation as more high rise buildings are planned in the area and ventilation at high level could not ensure that they would not be affected by an ammonia release.