18 May 2017

P.2.7.5 Pre-Check for heat pumps: comparison of heat sources for heat pumps

As a result of the increasing use and implementation of heat pumps the number of usable low-temperature heat sources and heat transfer systems for heat pumps that are available on the market rises. Ice storages, air fences or high performance energy piles are used and sold without having scientific knowledge about performance and the cost-benefit ratio of these systems. In order to obtain an energy-efficient and economic operation of the heat pumps, it is necessary to have an optimal design of the heat pumps including the choice of the heat source and the connection to the building itself.
The research project “future:heatpump”, funded by German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, is dedicated to the energetic and economic evaluation of heat sources for heat pumps. In this context, a pre-check-tool for preselection of heat sources and suitable heat transfer systems is developed. The holistic comparative analysis of different heat sources and heat transfer systems relates to the SPF of the heat pumps, the extraction and injection capabilities of the heat exchangers and the general performance of the systems. In addition, an evaluation of economic and environmental aspects is made. The aim is to determine the plausibility of the application and the specifications of the different source systems. To validate the tool’s input and outputs, measurements are performed on several systems and heat sources.