18 May 2017

P.2.7.3 Heat pumps: the Dutch way

The Netherlands is a small but highly populated country next to the sea behind dunes and with some relatively big rivers. Therefor it has a special relationship with water. As in large cities almost three quarters of their energy consumption is in buildings this will be one of the main concerns. Careful building services design can minimize the need for heating and cooling throughout the year for example by applying nearby rivers and seasonal thermal energy source of heat pumps. One of the first project was the office building of the Governmental sea and river control agency RWS at Terneuzen. In Rotterdam there are some quite remarkable buildings which make use of heat pumps in combination with the surface water of river Maas: the Maas tower and De Rotterdam. Furthermore some interesting other examples are presented of apply the surface water of the North Sea in the Hague and Oostvoorne. It all shows the Dutch way of applying water as a source for heat pumps.