18 May 2017

P.2.3.2 Industrial heat pumps for cooling and heat recovery to district heating

The fight against climate change and the actions to be taken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is covered by the EU’s priorities. One significant way to reduce greenhouse gases is to recover the waste heat from cooling solutions. Cooling demand is growing in residential and public buildings as well as in data centers and industrial processes.
Oilon Oy has been involved in several projects in which waste heat is transferred to the district heating network. In Finland Oilon has implemented cooling/heating cases to public buildings (hospital, fire department…) and in Sweden to electron accelerator laboratory in Lund University. Mostly in this kind of cases water is supplied to district heating network approx. at temperature of 80 ºC. More these kind of projects are coming yearly and new solutions have to be designed and implemented. Oilon Oy wants to be a part of this development and would like to bring new solutions and products to the market.
Oilon Oy specializes in environmental technology with a special emphasis on product research and development work. The main focus areas of research and development are improving energy efficiency, decreasing emission levels and developing new solutions utilizing renewable energy sources. Oilon manufactures burners and combustion systems for liquid and gaseous fuels in the capacity range of 10 kW – 80 MW, industrial heat pumps, cooling plants and ground source heat pumps. Oilon is also selling solar heat collectors.