18 May 2017

P.1.3.7 Heat Pump Integration and Design for nZEB

Nearly Zero Energy Buildings (nZEB) will be the future standard for new buildings. They are to be widely intro-duced in the time frame of 2020-2030, thus building technologies for nZEB are of high interest. IEA HPT Annex 40 has investigated and compared different building technology options for nZEB in case studies, using loads and economical boundary conditions of the respective countries. Evaluations were performed regarding performance and cost. Furthermore, new integrated heat pumps have been developed according to national requirements for HVAC systems and real performance has been evaluated by field monitoring.
Results of the case studies confirm that heat pumps are both energy-efficient and cost-effective for the application in nZEB. Due to the different climate and economic boundary conditions, the results show a certain robustness regarding changing boundary conditions. For larger buildings district heating and CHP are economically feasible, too. Field monitoring of integrated systems confirm that performance improvements can be achieved by higher integration of the heat pump and multifunctional use.
The work is continued regarding integration options for larger buildings and group of buildings as well as cost-effective design. Besides performance and cost the energy flexibility of future building technology may become an additional requirement for the building technology. Heat pumps as one of the main electricity consumers can play an important role also in this respect