18 May 2017

P.1.3.5 Energy Efficient Renovation with Decentral Compact Heat Pumps

Within the framework of the Austrian project SaLüH! (FFG), high energy efficient and cost-effective concepts with decentral small scale heat pumps for heating and domestic hot water preparation for the renovation of small dwellings in multi-story buildings are developed and investigated. Experience shows that for multi-family houses, a complete renovation including conversion to central heating and domestic hot water (DHW) systems is hardly possible. Measures inside the inhibited flats are often associated with number of complications (technical, legal, financial). Thus the centralization of ventilation, heating and DHW is often dropped. Unfortunately, energy and cost efficient decentralized (and less invasive) solutions are also not available. Therefore, new innovative concepts for heating and ventilation are investigated. Very compact heat pumps are developed in such a way that it will be possible to integrate these units into the window parapet or into a prefabricated timber façade. The wall integration has a high potential in pre-fabrication and leads to an optimal solution for small apartments. The target is to create a complete renovation package with a decentralized (apartment size) exhaust-air HP for ventilation and heating installed in the kitchen and a DHW-HP in the bathroom. The solutions aim to be cost effective, involving components and technologies with high efficiency and minimum noise emissions enabling least disruptive renovation. The performance of the investigated systems is rather comparable, hence other aspects such as handling, noise, maintenance, etc. might be more relevant.