24 June 2014

Operating Performance on the Application of a Water Source Heat Pump and Ice Storage System of One Chinese Typical Project

As a renewable energy technology, the water source heat pump system and ice
storage technologies have increasingly attracted world-wide attention due to their advantages of energy efficiency and environmental friendliness. A water source heat pump system and ice storage system were designed and constructed in the China pavilion for the
Shanghai world expo 2010. This system has continuously run for nearly three years. It was shown that the indoor thermal environment met the “GB/T 18049—2000” issued by China
national standard council. Compared with conventional air conditioning system (water chilling and gas boiler) which was widely used in Shanghai, the operating cost of this system is
reduced by 55.8% and the payback time is about 4.6 years. Furthermore, the annual load shifting ratio could reach up to 63.24%. Owing to its great potential in energy conservation,
such kind of combined system is testified to be applicable to the air-conditioning systems of symbol buildings. What’s more, the applications of this systems corresponding to different
climatic zones of China were discussed.