22 May 2008


The initial aim of the Field Analysis of Heat Pump Installations (short called FAWA
in German and Anis in French) project was to document the energy efficiency of small heat
pumps of up to 20 kWth in the field using statistical methods and to demonstrate improvement
potentials. The project was started in 1996 by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy as an
accompanying measure within the framework of its heat pump promotion strategy. It soon
became the largest on-site trial of heating installations in Switzerland (and worldwide?).
In the course of the FAWA project, it became apparent that the data collected could also
form the basis of deeper analyses of plant behaviour over longer periods of time and allow
recommendations on plant concepts to be made.
FAWA describes and analyses the present-day reality in the field and, therefore, can supply
inputs for the planning process. On account of the statistical nature of the data, however, the
results derived from it cannot generally be understood as being general planning guidelines.