18 May 2017

O.4.5.3 Development of highly performing water-adsorption chiller using new aluminophosphate as water adsorbent

Adsorption chiller is a thermally operating refrigeration system. It uses water as refrigerant which is adsorbed and desorbed on solid adsorbents such as silica gel or zeolite. It has been considered and gaining great interest as an environment-friendly and energy-efficient system. Adsorption chiller utilizes low-temperature (below 90oC) renewable heat or waste heat to make cold water of below 15oC during the summer season. Many research institutes and companies (e.g., Mycom, Nishiyodo, Mitsubishi Plastics, Zeopower, Invensor, SorTech etc.) have developed adsorption chillers. The key to the development of adsorption chillers that exhibit high efficiency and good performance is the development of suitable adsorbents that can adsorb as much refrigerant as possible at room temperature and desorb the refrigerant easily using low-temperature heat during the regeneration step. We have developed aluminophosphate-based water adsorbent which meets simultaneously two sides of requirements. In addition, we have designed and assembled water adsorption chiller system as compactly as possible. In this system, the aluminophosphate adsorbent was loaded as a bead-form or as coated on the fin-tube heat exchanger. Thus developed chiller was evaluated in comparison with previous adsorption-chiller, in the point of coefficient of performance (COP), specific cooling power and the compactness of entire system volume.