18 May 2017

O.4.3.4 Analysis of a compression-assisted absorption heat transformer

Energy consumption of space heating and domestic hot water increases continuously. A kind of compression-assisted absorption heat transformer (CAHT) can meet the ever-increasing building heating load when the ambient temperature decreases, it is air-cooled and driven by low-grade heat and electricity simultaneously. By establishing the model with NH3-H2O, the performance of CAHT is compared with that of conventional absorption heat transformer (AHT) for low-temperature heating under different working conditions, investigating the necessary of the compressor in CAHT. As a conclusion, the CAHT is more appropriate for low-temperature heating than conventional AHT due to the existence of the compressor, and the heating capacity of conventional AHT is 54.85-100% less than that of CAHT. Besides, compared with conventional AHT, the compressor leads to wider working conditions for CAHT.